What is Creators Camp?

Creators Camp is a year-round exploratory, skill acquisition and development platform designed to prepare America’s young, emerging creators and innovators for the future. We do this by encouraging elementary, middle and high-school creators and innovators to: Fail, embrace their creativity, exercise their capacity to innovate and grow through skills acquisition and tinker with future facing technologies in STEAM.

FIVE unique experiences, each designed to inspire and equip an emerging generation of creators & innovators... 

Creative Core

The foundation of Creators Camp, Creative Core Exercises help young emerging creators and innovators develop key interpersonal skills: Creative-Thinking, Critical-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Buildership traits identified as deficiencies in today's youth. Creative Core is woven into everything we do. 


Creators Camp Expeditions are longer skill acquisition and development experiences (1-4 weeks), designed to give America's young, emerging creators and innovators the ability to explore and acquire a wide range of skills in pursuit of finding focus and direction for the future.


Creators Camp Flights are short format (1-4 day) experiences that help young emerging creators and innovators explore and experiment with new skills. Flights are designed to inspire and spark curiosity. Creator's Camp Flights are often pre-cursors to the larger, more in-depth Creators Camp Expeditions.


Creators Camp Fireside is a monthly speaker series designed to bring America's young, emerging creators and innovators face-to-face with marketplace professionals. Fireside gives youth and their parents the opportunity to learn more about the unconventional and often unseen professions within the science, technology, engineering, arts and math disciplines.


Creators Camp Tribes is a 52 week, immersive entrepreneurial experience.  Designed to be a learning, skills acquisition/development program combined with the dynamics of a startup incubator for High School Students, Tribes exposes participants to the real-world challenge of starting a business from the ground up. 

Get Started!

Getting started is easy. Join a Creators Camp Cohort in your area, and a Creators Camp Camp Chief will walk you through the process of getting connected to the Creators Camp Community! 

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