"Our mission is to build, empower and equip emerging Creators and Innovators..." 


Expedition Engineering Program

Founded in the Fall of 2014, Creators Camp is a year-round program, designed to build and strengthen the creative confidence/intelligence of emerging creators and innovators.  Intentionally developed to serve elementary, middle and high school youth in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art/design, and math, Creators Camp builds creative confidence and intelligence by aligning these subjects with the development of five core soft-skills: Creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and buildership. The convergence of insight, teaching and development in the STEAM disciplines and the five soft-skills aforementioned is the foundation of Creators Cam

We are looking for Expedition Engineers

We are looking for seasoned creators and innovators to join the ranks of Creators Camp as Experience Engineers!  This is a very exciting time for Creators Camp and the addition of this key role is a huge leap into the future of what we believe Creators Camp will become.  In the Fall of 2017 we will be launching the Experience Engineer Training Program. Participants will learn the methodology behind Creators Camp's experiences and gain the skills needed to execute experiences within the rapidly growing Creators Camp community. 


We are no longer living in the industrial economy. “The Compression” of 2008 ushered in what some are calling the “creative economy”, and our schools are doing very little to prepare our children for this reality...
— Vincent Hunt, Creators Camp