Thank you for letting me get my super power. I worked and I worked to get that super power...
— Nomad Isaac (age 10)

Thank you for teaching me so many critical-thinking skills which my parents have been working with me on and you taught me in only three days... You made me enjoy enjoy learning new things...
— Nomad Caasi

Creators camp was a huge hit with the whole family. We as parents were able to see our sons eyes brighten up with each new thing he learned throughout the two weeks at his expedition. Connor said that he enjoyed learning how to code and that it was nice to have a lot of one on one interactions instead of a classroom full of kids...
— Thais, Pathfinder Parent

Creators Camp has become a vital component of expanding my son’s horizons. It shows him what is possible and gives him tangible evidence of the kinds of connections between ideas, execution, and technologies that I talk about all the time, but don’t always have the chance to demonstrate.
— Sarah, Pathfinder Parent

It has been so fun to see how our students at IPS 58 are engaging with Creator’s Camp as they attend twice a week. They are learning to try new things and develop skills and abilities they might not have known were even possible. In this program, our students are building confidence in themselves that they can use not only during club, but during school and at home as well. Many students in Creator’s Camp have talked to me about how the club is both fun and challenging. It is so important for our students to be challenged as many of them may not have previously had the skills necessary to see a challenge and work to overcome it properly. The skills students develop in Creator’s Camp will be essential life skills that they can look back on as they continue to grow and develop into young adults.
— Christina Bowden (Community Coordinator)