Our mission

Our mission is to prepare America's young emerging creators and innovators for the future.  Through experiential learning,  we expose youth to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Math (STEAM) while cultivating and building key interpersonal skills that are lacking in today's youth: Creative-Thinking, Critical-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Buildership. We aim to launch creatively confident, deeply self-aware, purposed people into the world to do meaningful work. 

Hands on Instruction, Direction & Mentorship

Each Creators Camp Campground has a dedicated team of professionals, serving Pathfinders and Nomads. From the Camp Chief to the Fireside Experience Engineer, each member of a campgrounds team is focused on preparing young emerging creators and innovators for the future. 

Share in the Creators Camp mission and help us prepare an emerging generation of young innovators and creators. 


Creators Camp is a United States based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Your passion does not have an age limit or expiration date attached to it. We want these kids to get inspired after a Fireside, we want them to explore after an Expedition, we want them to pursue after the Tribes program. We want them to fail, to go out and touch and tinker and be curious after a Flight. Giving them the freedom to explore who they are designed to be is the reason we created this program.
— Sandie Chavez, Co-Founder, CEO @ Creators Camp