A year-round program - Creators Camp provides parents with an end-to-end solution for augmenting traditional learning. From the Creators Camp Flight series, monthly Fireside chats with professionals in a wide range of professions, to the Spring and Summer Expedition series, Creators Camp offers young creators and innovators ongoing opportunities to develop and grow. 

Membership Features: 

  • Access to Creators Camp computer programming training/development platform with individualized and group coaching (Year-Round)

  • Access to all Creative Core exercises (Critical-Thinking, Creative-Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Buildership) (Year-Round)

  • Access to all Creators Camp Fireside experiences (Year-Round)

  • Access to all Creators Camp Flight experiences (September - February)

  • Access to all Creators Camp Expedition experiences (March - August)

  • Access to Creators Camp Open Deployments (Year-Round)

  • Access Creators Camp Master Lab experiences (2/Year)

  • Access to Creators Camp Public Assemblies (1 - 2/Year)

It all starts with being assigned to a Creators Camp Cohort. You will be assigned a Camp Chief that will help you configure the best experience for your young, emerging creator/innovator. 

Creators Camp Locations

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A big part of our mission rest in the idea, that we want to develop life-long learners and fearless doers. This idea pushes us towards finding new ways to engage our young people in tangible ways ...
— Sandie Chavez, Co-Founder, President & Chairwoman @ Creators Camp