"When we started this journey, we knew that one of the things we had to do, was get emerging creators and innovators back to dreaming and exercising their imagination..." 


Creators Camp Flight

When we first launched Creators Camp and introduced Expeditions, we knew that we wanted to provide our community of emerging creators and innovators with as many opportunities as we possibly could that would engage creativity, expand imagination and encourage dreaming. While our Expeditions are awesome, we wanted to design something that we could do on a much more frequent basis, to that end, we created: Flight

What is a Flight?

Creators Camp Flight is a series of shorter, more compact versions of our Expeditions. Generally 4 days or less, a Flight introduces an idea within the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art/design and math) disciplines in a way that evokes curiosity and encourages dreaming and imagination. Each Flight is designed in the same spirit that we design Creators Camp Expeditions with the 5 pillars of Creators Camp baked in (creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and buildership).  Flight participants are challenged to explore, create and pursue ideas being introduced, and the take-aways are priceless. 

Stay Connected

To stay notified, and "in-the-loop" as it pertains to Creators Camp Flight experiences, make sure you join a Creators Camp cohort.  You will be assigned a Cohort Guide and a Creator Camp Camp Chief!