"This is where it all leads ... Every expedition, every flight, every core exercise ... this is where it all gets real... Very real." 

After building important core skills through Flights and Expeditions, gaining new insights and developing targeted interests through mentor-ship and Firesides, we are now faced with the challenge of providing our young innovators with a platform in which to tie it all together.

Imagine an experience that bridges the gaps between learning, skills acquisition/development and the real-world marketplace. A platform that aligns professional mentors, guides and strategists with High School Students with the goal of launching a real company that's delivering relevant, emerging technology to the world... 

We imagined what this experience could look like, the impact it would have on the lives of the Creators Camp Pathfinders and everyone involved. We call this experience: Tribes.

Creators Camp Tribes is available, by application, to students in the 9th - 12th grade. It's a hybrid experience that combines the power of a startup incubator and Creators Camp's personal development methodology in a 12 month program that affords young emerging innovators the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment with their peers to ideate, design, and launch a real, registered, emerging tech-focused company!