Our mission is straight forward...

Our mission is straight forward: Prepare young emerging creators and innovators for the future.  We believe that Builders of tomorrow will need a fundamentally different mindset than generations past.  With the speed of innovation and the emergence of radical new technologies, our youth will need a deeper sense of self-awareness and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. 

Support a Nomad or Pathfinder

While we would love to work with EVERY young innovator and creator, there is always the financial hurdle that's ever present.  As a United States based 501(c)(3) organization, your contributions to Creators Camp to help a young Nomad or Pathfinder overcome this hurdle is a charitable tax-deductible contribution. 

Creators Camp offers two types of scholarship: 1. Membership only and 2. Membership *w/Equipment. Help us fuel the future by supporting a Nomad or Pathfinder in his/her journey. 

What Kind of contributor Are You?

We created 4 distinct ways for you get involved with what we are doing at Creators Camp. Each opportunity has it's own purpose, and we wanted to create channels of giving that supported the giver, just as much as it supports the mission of Creators Camp. What kind of Contributor are you? 

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Designed for the “socially savvy”, the Creators Camp #StickWithUscampaign gives you the ability to donate as little or as much as you like, and receive a set of Creators Camp stickers!!  

Creators Camp Everywhere™ 

Creators Camp Everywhere™ is the most ambitious project we’ve launched to date.  Creators Camp Everywhere™ is a national campaign designed to serve the hard-to-reach, underserved, rural communities of America... 


Creative Wellness™ 


Designed by Creators Camp for small to medium sized private a public organizations, we transformed a frequent request for an "adult version" of Creators Camp into a win-win-win for forward thinking leaders, the parents of young creators and innovators and the young people that we are so passionate about...