Introducing Flight

At Creators Camp, we have been hard at work developing something that we think is quite extraordinary.  When we first launched Creators Camp in the Fall of 2014, we wanted to develop a way that made our work accessible by many, without sacrificing a very high level of exposure instruction and insight. 

We developed Creators Camp Expeditions, and since our reboot in the Summer of 2015, we have gone on three Expeditions with a TON of success.  We couldn't be more proud of our Pathfinders and the work that's been done, however; we were still faced with the fact that there were a LOT of kids that we had to turn away because from a financial and time perspective, the Expeditions were not accessible. This was a huge problem for us. 

With the help of the Creators Camp community, and a lot of hours in the design lab, we developed what we feel will push the needle closer to being able to serve more K-12 youth. Creators Camp Flight is a series of "Expedition like" experiences that are shorter in duration (1-4 days), yet have the same experiential learning components of our Expeditions.  Each Flight touches on a STEAM discipline (science, technology, engineering, art/design and math), and gives young, emerging creators and innovators the opportunity to gain exposure and insight in a collaborative, deeply supportive environment. 

We are CRAZY excited about Flight and what we believe it will offer, and the needs it will meet.  Our first Flight is scheduled for November 14th 2015. We will be exploring virtual and augmented reality, utilizing Google Cardboard! Each child will have the opportunity to hear industry professionals talk about their industry and how virtual/augmented reality will affect it. Professionals from the fields of medicine, tourism, architecture and geology will be sharing their visions of the future and giving insight on how emerging creators and innovators should be preparing themselves. 

We are super excited about Creators Camp Flight. We invite you to explore and engage in the opportunity with us!! 

Vincent Hunt
Founder & CEO @ MASSIVE Corporation
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