Meet Drew Aveling


Drew is an Aussie living in California.  Drew moved to London for a few years after graduating FSU Film School and worked for the 1%.  A curious and adventurous creative, Drew moved to LA and worked down the hall from Steven Spielberg, and now works at Dreamworks Animation. At Dreamworks Mr. Aveling is the Global Department Coordinator for Animation, Rigging, CFX and Crowds Department. An Entrepreneur, Drew also Co-Founded Online Allergies, a FREE online tool that allows people with allergies to store their information, in the case that an emergency arises, loved ones can assist. 

Drew will be joining us for the upcoming Creators Camp Flight - FW2015: Making & Capturing Beautiful Things. We are super excited about Drew, and the value that he will bring to the Flight experience.  

To connect with Drew you can find him on Twitter here ... And LinkedIn here