Meet Rohalier Charles Phillips

I am Rohalier Charles Phillips a graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University with a bachelors degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I am a lover of Jesus Christ and as long as he continues to lead me on this journey I will soon become an OB/GYN and Anesthesiologist. We Live As Kings. 

Rohalier Charles Phillips was asked to come and speak at the Creators Camp Flight FW2015: Google Cardboard, Virtual/Augmented Reality Saturday November 14th because he brings a dynamic, insightful perspective to the table.  One of the goals of Creators Camp is to mobilize emerging creators and innovators through inspiration and context rich insight.  The future Dr. Phillips has a story about resilience, adaptability and hustle that we all can learn from.  From humble beginning to the pursuit of his passion, Phillips is the embodiment of what Creators Camp is all about. 

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